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Borderless and Colorless: How Some of the Best Web Designers Do More with Less

Web design trends hit ebbs and flows. Many designers are reworking a trend from another trend that was not working anymore. The trail can be followed back to Apple when they launched the iPod nearly a decade ago. Their minimalist design was overt and wonderful. The product itself was the only thing of color in any campaign. It is the perfect opposite to, say, Starbursts.

Companies took this to its seeming conclusion, and the trend looked back towards expansive palettes to create a brand image. Melbourne Web Design is capturing some of the better elements in minimalism to create daring and thrilling new designs. They are not simply using minimalist colors- white and gray tones. They are using minimalist structures.

Where Are the Borders?

A website is traditionally defined by its borders. This gives it a nice structure, and it makes for functional navigating. It cannot always be avoided when a website has a top navigational bar, side options, advertisements, etc. Without borders, it would turn into a mess. Yet, Digital Agency Canberra makes it work. They remove many of the borders, if not all, to create a single image and overlay. The effect, if done properly, is stunning.

Fine Linens and Clean Websites

The design choice typically only works for certain companies. A company selling French linens used the design splendidly. The entire main landing page is almost entirely white, with a dash of blue and gray tossed in by the Web Developer Melbourne. The fascinating part is not the use of color, but the use of space and structure. Firstly, the main company name is simply floating upon the background. It is not sectioned off. The brand logo is resting next to it upon the same blue translucent background.

The navigation bar features an about us, a blog, a newsletter, and a linen sizing chart. These are all rather straightforward. The innovation comes in how they are designed. The text is pressed directly against the background- the same background nearly everything else on the page is pressed against. This includes the product options which are layered right below.

Oddly enough, the main image is not actually on the background. The image extends to the very edges of the page. The image is also extremely similar in color to the main website background, so it appears as if the image is simply bleeding out from the website itself.

Website design is often so traditional. A savory inclusion of some innovative and breathtaking design from a Melbourne Digital Agency can look absolutely phenomenal for visitors.